Below is the latest out of stock table (updated on 26/6/2012):
------ means all power got stock
*if symbol ( - ) means UNTIL :EXP-:600-750 is OUT OF STOCK =600 UNTIL 750 is OUT OF STOCK (600,650,700,750 is OUT OF STOCK)

I. Fairy Series:

I. Fairy Almond Brown 16.2MM
I. Fairy Almond Brown::-------- 

I. Fairy Avior 16.2MM
I. Fairy Avior Grey::------
I. Fairy Avior Brown::------
I. Fairy Avior Blue::------
I. Fairy Avior Green::------
I. Fairy Avior Violet::-----

I. Fairy Casper 16.2MM
I. Fairy Casper Grey::------
I. Fairy Casper Brown::------
I. Fairy Casper Blue::------
I. Fairy Casper Green::------
I. Fairy Casper Violet::----- 

I. Fairy Luna 16.2MM
I. Fairy Luna Grey::------
I. Fairy Luna Brown::-----
I. Fairy Luna Blue::------
I. Fairy Luna Green::------
I. Fairy Luna Violet::-----

I. Fairy Ryusei 16.2MM
I. Fairy Ryusei Grey::------
I. Fairy Ryusei Brown::------
I. Fairy Ryusei Blue::------
I. Fairy Ryusei Violet::-----
I. Fairy Ryusei Green::------
I. Fairy Pearl Black 16.2MM
I. Fairy Pearl Black::------

I. Fairy Cherry Gold 16.2MM
I. Fairy Cherry Gold:: 100,150,200,250,275,300,350,400,500,550,600, 650, 700

I. Fairy Aki 16.2MM 
I. Fairy Aki Grey::150,750
I. Fairy Aki Brown::150,300,750,800
I. Fairy Aki Blue
I. Fairy Aki Violet

I.Fairy Ash 16.2mm
I.Fairy Ash Grey::------
I.Fairy Ash Brown::650,850
I.Fairy Ash Blue::------
I.Fairy Ash Violet::------
I.Fairy Ash Green::125,225,275,325,650

I. Fairy Binky 16.2MM
I. Fairy Binky Grey::-----
I. Fairy Binky Brown::125,650

I. Fairy Binky Blue::100,200,225,2
I. Fairy Binky Violet::100,650

I. Fairy Dolly 16.2MM
I. Fairy Dolly Grey::125
I. Fairy Dolly Brown::275
I. Fairy Dolly Red::175,275,325,650,750
I. Fairy Dolly Blue::-----

I.Fairy Eclipse 16.2mm
I.Fairy Eclipse Grey::50,75,850
I.Fairy Eclipse Brown::50,75,750,850
I.Fairy Eclipse Blue::225,375,650,700,750
I.Fairy Eclipse Green::375
I.Fairy Eclipse Violet::225,275,375,850

I.Fairy Gummi 16.2mm
I. Fairy Gummi Grey::175,750,800,850,
I. Fairy Gummi Brown::750,800,850 

I.Fairy Hanabi 16.2mm
I.Fairy Hanabi Gold::150,350 ,550,600
I.Fairy Hanabi Grey::150,325,500,600
I.Fairy Hanabi Brown::150,250,300,500,600,650,750,850
I.Fairy Hanabi Violet:100,125, 150,175,200,225,250,275, 350, 400 ,550, 600,800
I.Fairy Hanabi Green::700
I.Fairy Hanabi Blue::100, 150, 175,200,275,300,350,500-700,750
I.Fairy Hanabi Pink::100,500,600
I.Fairy Hanabi Red::425

I.Fairy Haru 16.2m
I.Fairy Haru Grey::------
I.Fairy Haru Brown::-----

I.Fairy Hera 16.2mm
I.Fairy Hera Grey::125,150,175,250,750,800
I.Fairy Hera Brown::
100,175,200,250,300, 350,600,750,800

I.Fairy Hera Blue::150,350
I.Fairy Hera Pink::150,225,250
I.Fairy Hera Violet::800

I.Fairy Jewel 16.2mm
I.Fairy Jewel Grey::100, 350,650
I.Fairy Jewel Brown::100,275,350, 450,500,550, 600, 650, 700, 850
I.Fairy Jewel Violet::-----
I.Fairy Jewel Green::-----
I.Fairy Jewel Blue::300,500,650,700
I.Fairy Jewel Pink::-----

I. Fairy Keizen 16.2mm
I. Fairy Keizen Grey::------
I. Fairy Keizen Brown::------
I. Fairy Keizen Blue::------
I. Fairy Keizen Violet::100,125,200,225, 250,325,500-600

I.Fairy Kirei 16.2mm
I.Fairy Kirei Grey::100,125,150,175,350,550,600
I.Fairy Kirei Brown::150,300
I.Fairy Kirei Blue::750
I.Fairy Kirei Green::
125,175,275 ,300,350 ,500,550,600

I. Fairy Moe Moe 16.2mm
I. Fairy Moe Moe Grey::------
I.Fairy Moe Moe Brown::50

I.Fairy Nova 16.2mm
I.Fairy Nova Grey::175
I.Fairy Nova Brown::------
I.Fairy Nova Blue::750
I.Fairy Nova Violet::500
I.Fairy Nova Green::125,225,275,300,325,500

I.Fairy Pearl Black 16.2MM
I.Fairy Pearl Black::50, 75,550,600,650,850

I.Fairy Rose 16.2mm
I.Fairy Rose Grey::125,175,300,325 ,375,450,500,600,750
I.Fairy Rose Brown:: 75,100,150,175,200, 225,275,300,325,350,375,400,425,500,750,850
I.Fairy Rose Blue::150,200,225, 250,275,300,325,450, 500,600, 750
I.Fairy Rose Pink::125,150,200,225,250 ,275, 300,800

I.Fairy Ruby 16.2mm
I.Fairy Ruby Grey::125,150-200, 225 ,250,275,300,325,350, 375,400,450-550,600,650-850
I.Fairy Ruby Brown::250,350,500
I.Fairy Ruby Violet::100,125,250,300,350,400,425,475,500,600,700,800
I.Fairy Ruby Green:: 75,100,125,275, 300,600, 650
I.Fairy Ruby Blue::100,250,350,425,500,550,600,750
I.Fairy Ruby Red::125,800
I.Fairy Ruby Pink::0,175,250,550,700,

I. Fairy Sirius 16.2mm
I. Fairy Sirius Grey::-------
I. Fairy Sirius Brown::800,850 
I. Fairy Sirius Blue::700,750

I.Fairy Snow 16mm
I.Fairy Snow Grey::0,100,150,200,350
I.Fairy Snow Gold::0, 100,150,175,200,225,300, 350,400-450,500-600
I.Fairy Snow Brown::0,100150200, 225350,400450500550
I.Fairy Snow Violet::0,150,250,350
I.Fairy Snow Green::0
I.Fairy Snow Blue::400
I.Fairy Snow Pink::0,150,200,250,350

I.Fairy Star 16.2mm
I. Fairy Star Grey::--------
I. Fairy Star Brown::800,850
I. Fairy Star Violet::150,350,400
I. Fairy Star Blue::150,250,300
I. Fairy Star Pink::125,150,600,750

I. Fairy Trofi 16.2MM
I. Fairy Trofi Grey::------
I. Fairy Trofi Gold::------
I. Fairy Trofi Blue::------ 

Kimchi Series: 
Kimchi Bambi 16MM
Kimchi Bambi Violet::------
Kimchi Bambi Grey

Kimchi Bambi Brown
Kimchi Bambi Blue
Kimchi Bambi Green
Kimchi Bambi Pink

Kimchi Choco 16MM
Kimchi Choco Brown

Kimchi Flora 16MM
Kimchi Flora Pink

Kimchi Flora Grey
::100,150,200,300, 350,500,550, 750, 800
Kimchi Flora Green
::100, 150,300
Kimchi Flora Brown
Kimchi Flora Blue
Kimchi Flora Violet::300,500

Kimchi Kiss 16MM
Kimchi Kiss Violet

Kimchi Kiss Pink
Kimchi Kiss Grey
Kimchi Kiss Gold
Kimchi Kiss Blue
Kimchi Kumo 16MM
Kimchi Kumo Blue
Kimchi Kumo Brown
Kimchi Kumo Grey

Kimchi Mermaid 4 Tones 16MM
Kimchi Mermaid Blue

Kimchi Mermaid Gold
Kimchi Mermaid Green
Kimchi Mermaid Grey
Kimchi Mermaid Red
Kimchi Mermaid Violet

Kimchi Milky 16MM
Kimchi Milky Blue

Kimchi Milky Gold
Kimchi Milky Grey
Kimchi Milky Pink

Kimchi Mio 16MM
Kimchi Mio Brown

Kimchi Mio Grey
Kimchi Mio Pink

Kimchi Misty 16MM
Kimchi Misty Blue

Kimchi Misty Brown
Kimchi Misty Grey
Kimchi Misty Violet
::100 ,150,200,250 ,300,350,400,850
Kimchi Prince Black 16MM
Kimchi Prince Black
50,75,325 ,375,850
Kimchi Viva 16MM
Kimchi Viva Blue

Kimchi Viva Brown
::100,150,200,250,300,350, 850
Kimchi Viva Grey
Kimchi Viva Violet
::150,200, 250,300,350,500,550, 

The Dollyeye Series:
The Dollyeye Ace Black 14.5mm
Ace Black::100,150,200,250,300

The Dollyeye Ariale 14.5mm
Ariale Black::250,300
Ariale Grey::0
Ariale Brown::------
Ariale Blue::------
Ariale Violet::------
Ariale Green
Ariale Pink::0

The Dollyeye BarbieDoll 14.5mm
BarbieDoll Grey::------
BarbieDoll Brown::------
BarbieDoll Blue::------
BarbieDoll Violet::------
BarbieDoll Green::------

Bling13 14.8MM
Bling13 Grey::
Bling13 Brown::--------
Bling13 Blue::-------
Bling13 Violet::------
Bling13 Green::-------
Bling13 Pink::-------

The Dollyeye Blytheye 14.8mm 
Blytheye Pink::---------
Blytheye Grey::-------
Blytheye Brown::------
Blytheye Blue::------
Blytheye Violet::------
Blytheye Green::------

The Dollyeye Bodone 14.5mm 
Bodone Black::0,100,125,150,175,200,225,250,275,300,350,375,400,500

The Dollyeye BT15 14.8mm
BT15 Grey::------
BT15 Brown::-----
BT15 Blue::-----
BT15 Violet::-----
BT15 Green::-----
BT15 Pink::------

The Dollyeye Bubble Lens 14.8mm
Bubble Pink::------
Bubble Grey::------
Bubble Brown::------
Bubble Blue::------
Bubble Violet::------
Bubble Green::------

The Dollyeye Candarae 14.5mm
Candarae Grey::------
Candarae Brown::------
Candarae Blue::------
Candarae Violet::------
Candarae Green::------

The Dollyeye Celeb Nudy 14.5mm
Celeb Nudy Pink::0,100
Celeb Nudy Grey::
Celeb Nudy Brown::-------
Celeb Nudy Blue::-------
Celeb Nudy Violet::-------
Celeb Nudy Green::-------

The Dollyeye Circle Black 14.2mm
Circle Black::500,550,600

The Dollyeye Circle Brown 14.2mm
Circle Brown::600,650,700,750,800,850,1000

The Dollyeye Crayon 14.8mm
Crayon Grey::------
Crayon Brown::-----
Crayon Blue::----------

Crayon Violet::------
Crayon Green::------
Crayon Pink::------

The Dollyeye Crystal i 14.5mm 
Crystal i Pink::0
Crystal i Grey::0,100,125,150,175,200,250
Crystal i Hazel::0,100,125,150,175,200,225,250,275,300,350,
Crystal i Blue::-----
Crystal i Violet::-----
Crystal i Green::0,100,150

The Dollyeye Dahomy-Pearl Prime 14.5mm
Dahomy-Pearl Prime Grey::-----
Dahomy-Pearl Prime Brown::-----
(Blue Color is not available)
Dahomy-Pearl Prime Violet::-----
Dahomy-Pearl Prime Green::------ 

The Dollyeye Dizon 14.5mm
Dizon Grey::100,125,150,175,200,250,300,350
Dizon Brown::100,125,150,175,200,250,300,350,
Dizon Aqua::------
Dizon Violet::------
Dizon Green::------

The Dollyeye Dollyeye 14.2mm
Dollyeye Brown::------
Dollyeye Blue::0
Dollyeye Violet::-----
Dollyeye Grey::------
Dollyeye Green::------

The Dollyeye Dreamy i 14.5mm
Dreamy i Pink::0
Dreamy i Grey::------
Dreamy i Brown::------
Dreamy i Blue::-----
Dreamy i Violet::100
Dreamy i Green::0

The Dollyeye Fairy 14.8mm
Fairy Pink::----------
Fairy Grey::--------------
Fairy Brown::---------
Fairy Blue::-----
Fairy Violet::------
Fairy Green::------

The Dollyeye Flower 14.5mm
Flower Pink:: 450,475,500,550,600,650

The Dollyeye Furfur-Pearl Prime 14.5mm
Furfur-Pearl Prime Silver::----
Furfur-Pearl Prime Gold::-----  
Furfur-Pearl Prime Choco::----- 
(Blue Color is not available)
Furfur-Pearl Prime Violet::----
Furfur-Pearl Prime Green::----- 
Furfur-Pearl Prime Pink::----- 

The Dollyeye Georgiae 14.5mm
Georgiae Grey::------
Georgiae Brown::------
Georgiae Blue::------
Georgiae Violet::------
Georgiae Green::------

The Dollyeye Gothic 14.5mm
Gothic Grey::------
Gothic Brown::------
Gothic Honey::-----
Gothic Hazel::
Gothic Blue::------
Gothic Sapphire::------
Gothic Violet::------
Gothic Green::------
Gothic Turquoise::-------

The Dollyeye Hyper Black 14.2mm
Hyper Black::------

The Dollyeye Kira Kira 16MM
Kira Kira Grey::100,125,150,175,200,225,250,275,300,325,
Kira Kira Brown::100,150,175,200,225,250,275,
Kira Kira Green::100
Kira Kira Blue::------
Kira Kira Violet::-----
Kira Kira Pink::100,150,300,700

The Dollyeye Lathae 14.5mm
Lathae Grey::------
Lathae Brown::------
Lathae Blue::------
Lathae Violet::------
Lathae Green::------

The Dollyeye Lucidae 14.5mm
Lucidae Grey::------ 
Lucidae Brown::------ 
Lucidae Blue::------ 
Lucidae Violet::------ 
Lucidae Green::------

The Dollyeye MX-21 Black 14.5mm
MX-21 Black:: 100,125,150,175,200,225,250,275,300,375,500,550
TheDollyEye Natural 3tones 14.0mm  
Natural 3tones Pink::-----
Natural 3tones Grey:: 100,125,150,175,200,250,300
Natural 3tones Brown::200,250
Natural 3tones Blue::100
Natural 3tones Violet::-----
Natural 3tones Green::100,125,150,175,200,225,250,275,300,325,350,

The Dollyeye Pop C Dark 15.5mm 
Pop C Dark Violet::------
Pop C Dark Blue::------
Pop C Dark Grey::500
Pop C Dark Brown::------
Pop C Dark Green::------ 

The Dollyeye Pop C Light 15.5mm
Pop C Light Blue::------
Pop C Light Violet::------
Pop C Light Grey::------
Pop C Light Brown::------
Pop C Light Green::------ 

The Dollyeye Princess Nudy 14.7mm 
Princess Nudy Pink::------
Princess Nudy Grey:: 100,125,150,175,200,250
Princess Nudy Brown::100,125,150,175,200,250,300
Princess Nudy Blue::------
Princess Nudy Violet::------
Princess Nudy Green::------ 

The Dollyeye Puffy 3 Tones 14.5mm 
Puffy 3 Tones Pink::0
Puffy 3 Tones Grey:: 100,125,150,175,200,225,250,275,
Puffy 3 Tones Brown::100,125,150,200
Puffy 3 Tones Blue::0,100
Puffy 3 Tones Violet::0 
Puffy 3 Tones Green::0,100,125,150

The Dollyeye Rosy Rosa 14.8mm 
Rosy Rosa Grey::-----
Rosy Rosa Brown::----
Rosy Rosa Blue::-----
Rosy Rosa Violet::-----
Rosy Rosa Green::-----
Rosy Rosa Pink::-----

The Dollyeye Sugar Candy 14.5mm 
Sugar Candy Pink:: 250,275,300,325,350
Sugar Candy Grey::------
Sugar Candy Brown::100,125,150,175,200,225,250,275,300,
Sugar Candy Blue::------
Sugar Candy Violet::-----
Sugar Candy Green::100

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